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AU officials finally listen to student protests, bring back lemongrass chicken



American University


- satire

AU officials finally listen to student protests, bring back lemongrass chicken

How student activism at AU is taking root

Mady Frischer


Over the years there have been many issues that AU students have tried to tackle: tuition prices, racism, unfair treatment of Aramark works... just to name a few. Rallying on the quad and protesting on the steps of MGC has produced minimal results. However, this summer, that all changed. The new Burwell administration decided that is was time to listen to our pleas and gave us what we needed most: lemongrass chicken.

The power of online activism is prevalent in the Lemongrass Struggle. The history of petitions via the "class of" pages at American University has not been one of success. Every year petitions over the temperature in freshman dorms are ignored or responded to with passive aggressive emails telling students to "get fans." Other online calls to action such as the requests for two-ply toilet paper or an AU juice bar have also not been received.

Thankfully, the Lemongrass Petition was acknowledged.

"I was just thinking about all the problems at AU," said Dirks Fitzpatrick, a Junior in SPA, "I'm really glad that the instability of the global fresh menu was what the university decided to tackle."

An anonymous source in Burwell's cabinet stated, "Don't say we never gave you anything," when asked how they would deal with student requests in the future.

Rumblings of a vegetarian revolt have been heard around campus, as many of them are fed up with the limited options. Could they counter the petition with another petition? Only time will tell.

"I just hope this wasn't it," said a frazzled Senior with a cappuccino that I harassed in the Davenport Coffee Lounge for a comment. "Like, what if this was their one thing?"