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What your roommate was actually doing when you walked in



American University


What your roommate was actually doing when you walked in

It can be a common misunderstanding, here are 7 other things your roommate could have been doing when you walk in

Lucas Trevor


1. Writing a paper with their shirt off

Students at American University are always overloaded with work, and it seems we are always working on a deadline. Papers and projects pile up until we are forced to pull a coffee fueled all nighter. Plus, the dorms are often controlled by heating and cooling systems that are out of our control. The result? Our rooms can be swelteringly hot, or freezing cold, and we are helpless to change anything. I along with many others have been forced to go to extreme measures to beat the heat, and get my work done. I would be lying if I said I’ve never written a term paper with no shirt on. Who wouldn’t?

2. Just changing

We all work on different schedules. It becomes more and more difficult to wake up for that 8:10 as the semester grinds on, and a great study break can be a long hot shower in American University’s state of the art bathrooms. With that being said, it is not uncommon for your roommate to walk in on you while you are in a rather uncompromising position. Plus, who doesn't love to get under the covers after that long shower?

3. They had an itch

Who doesn't have to itch sometimes?

4. They were taking a nap

The long stresses of the day can make even the most caffeinated students long for the comforts of their warm, soft bed. A midday nap or “siesta” as it is called in Central and Latin America, can work wonders. You’re napping with just your tighty whities on. So what. You have your laptop out to watch some relaxing old school Bob Ross? Even better! You need a nap, and it’s your freaking bed,

5. They were listening to 'Fight The Feeling' by Mac Miller ft. Kendrick Lamar

6. They have a rash

If you don’t take care of a rash, it can spread. If you keep scratching at it you could break skin and it could get infected. As someone with one friend, well I wouldn’t go as far to say friend, but like acquaintance that is Pre-Med, I know the importance of quickly utilizing proper treatment for all ailments. Applying a topical cream is common for these types of conditions. So it would not be uncommon for anyone to walk in on someone applying some type of lotion or cream to affected areas, it’s just a good healthy practice.

7. They were just watching some Netflix

I have never understood the term, “Netflix and chill.” Why would you want to be cold while watching movies, or binging your favorite show? With that being said most students have a Netflix subscription, and use their free time to catch up on all the hot shows, and the Netflix originals that just dropped. Once again we are reminded that it is most comfortable to be in our bed in our pajamas. So your roommate walks in, big deal, i’m sure they love Game of Thrones too, maybe they can sit next to you and find out what happens next on adult Dragon Tails.

8. They were checking for unusual lumps or bumps

A testicular self‑exam (TSE) is an easy way for guys to check their own testicles to make sure there aren't any unusual lumps or bumps — which can be the first sign of testicular cancer.